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Máncora is a small town of no more than 10 thousand inhabitants, located in the department of Piura. The spa has a desert climate, that is, its days are sunny most of the year, that is why it is considered the paradise of warm waters in the country and one of the most popular. Every summer, tourists and Peruvians come to Máncora in search of a perfect climate and impressive waves, when the coast is hit by large and warm waves from the north 🏄‍

Máncora is mainly a paradise for surfing. The waves are quite big, but not so big that they are not suitable for beginners🌊. There are a large number of surf schools along the beach that will offer you lessons and board rental; You probably won't need a wetsuit as the sea isn't too cold.

Surfers from different countries of the world visit Máncora to ride its waves and practice other sea sports such as windsurfing and sailing. Most of the time the beach is with a green flag so that we can all enjoy its waters.

If you want to do something different, besides enjoying the sea, then you can visit El Ñuro, just 30 minutes away by car or by bus from Máncora. There they offer tours to swim with the turtles even with video included. As a traveler, we must try to preserve the place we visit, that is why we recommend not to touch them since they are wild animals, although they finally touch us. Another point to keep in mind is that turtles nest along the entire Vichayito beach, and by using ATVs we can damage their eggs. It is important not to do it to preserve them 🐢

Another popular activity in Máncora for adventure lovers is kitesurfing. Along the famous beaches, there are plenty of vendors willing to give beginner lessons or rent boards to more experienced thrill seekers. A 3-day course is a perfect way to learn the basics, which means you will be able to face the waves and winds of Máncora in no time!

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