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Berries Route

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Berries Route


We will travel from Lima to the city of Caraz, located an hour and a half from the city Huaraz. On a night trip of approximately 10 hours we will be arriving APU ECOLODGE, the main producer and exporter of organic berries and we will stay in their cozy rooms. It has 6 different bungalows, each designed and furnished differently with unique pieces and most recycled materials, thus being friendly to the environment. Everything eaten in the APU ECOLODGE is 100% sown and harvested right there.

You will receive us with a delicious breakfast typical of the place, to then settle in the rooms and start the tour of the orchards. We will see a wide variety of plantations such as raspberries, lemons, chamomile, tomatoes, etc. Then we will leave the garden to go to the surroundings and see other productions, until we reach the river where we can do a little more walking watching the wonderful landscapes.

We visit the agricultural research center of the UNSAMR (National University of San Martín) where we will see more productions and types of harvest according to season. We can taste some fruits. Then we will visit the square, and take the opportunity to have a delicious lunch typical of the place and then taste the handmade ice cream and sweets typical of Carhuaz.

To end the day, we will visit the Santo Yungay Field, buried on May 31, 1970, due to an immense avalanche produced by an earthquake. Currently, four palm trees, the cemetery and the Christ Redeemer remain silent witnesses.

We return to our lodging and the night is free to continue knowing the city.

The next day, after another delicious breakfast at APU ECOLODGE, we prepare to visit the association of producers of CARAZ. Having direct contact with them, gives us first hand information about the entire production and export line, answering all our questions.

Then we will give the natural touch to our trip, visiting the HUASCARÁN NATIONAL PARK AND THE LAGUNA DE LLANGANUCO, where we will appreciate the queñuales trees, we can take a boat trip and all this surrounded by the most impressive glaciers of the region such as the Nevado Huascarán ( 6 768 m) and Huandoy (south peak 6,160 m).

We will return to the city to have our farewell lunch, and spend the last hours in Caraz and the APU ECOLODGE, taking photographs or climbing in a arena that is within its facilities.

Finally, we will go to the market in the area to buy cheeses, hams, and various products of the area that you want, then go to the bus station and wait for our return to the city of Lima.


  • Trekking, hiking, trekking (included)
  • Natural Areas Walk (included)
  • Guided tours (included)



Departure from Lima to Huaraz

  • 8:00 PM Departure from Lima to Huaraz (Ancash) Cruz del Sur Express. Javier Prado Av.


  • Approximate arrival to Huaraz (7:00 am)
  • Transfer to Caraz, installation and typical breakfast
  • Visit to blueberry production fields (Caraz)
  • Visit to the Agricultural Research Center of the UNSAMR
  • Typical lunch in Caraz.
  • Tasting of handmade ice cream and sweets in Carhuaz.
  • Visit to Yungay Cemetery. Tourist place reminiscent of the earthquake of


  • Typical breakfast
  • Visit to the Agrarian Agency of Yungay
  • Field meeting with peach and avocado producers from Yungay
  • Field meeting with corn and tarwi producers from Yungay
  • Visit to the Llanganuco Lagoon in the Huascarán National Park (Biosphere Reserve declared by UNESCO)
  • Return to Huaraz
  • Visit to the Huaraz Model Market (Tasting and purchase of ham and cheese)
  • 9:00 pm Return to Lima
  • Approximate time of arrival at the terminal 6:00 am



  • A treasure of nature in the heart of Caraz. Spend some really unique days. We assure you that you will want to return.

Let yourself fall in love with HUARAZ


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